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About me

My name is Christer Heljestrand and I was born and grown up in the little village of Graninge in Sweden. I have studied English, Spanish and Swedish at the University of Ume and Seville and I have a Bachelor's Degree in English and Spanish. I've been studying at language schools both in England and in Spain and since 1999 I live in Seville.

As a native Swede I have extensive knowledge and understanding about the Swedish culture and practices, which means I can make sure your translation is properly localized. Of course I both speak and write English and Spanish with fluency but since I have lived for longer periods in both countries, I also have a deep understanding of cultural aspects associated with my source languages., ie, English and Spanish. Translation is about translating meaning, not just words.

I normally only translate from English and Spanish into Swedish. It's important to keep up to date with my mother tongue and therefore I travel to Sweden quite a few times per year. Sometimes I can make an exception and translate from Swedish into English and Spanish but only if it's a general, simple text.

Christer Aronsson      

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